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#TIM Convergence: Internet & Media&IT

Relevant information "first hand" on trends, solutions and technologies.

Mobility, new media, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), broadband access, Big Data, security, M2M, OTT, 4K, 3G/4G/5G networks…

Platform for meetings with target customers in a friendly atmosphere.

Investment and big money, how to make money by increasing the revenue/ARPU by retaining and attracting new customers …

Professional atmosphere for productive networking.

Risks and opportunities, how technology makes money, the best business cases, strategy...

See you at #TIM-TU Convergence 2018: Internet&Media&IT!


February 21 / Wednesday


Arrival & hotel accommodation


#TIM-TU Welcome party, Restaurant-club "PartyFON" Аddress: Sobornaya Square, 14, "Roksolana" shopping center, 7th Floor
Dress code: cocktail

February 22 / Thursday



Venue: Conference Hall, Hotel «Rius»,2nd Floor


Welcome speech of representatives from Associations and state institutions

Invited Speakers:

Alexander Danchenko,
Parliamentary Committee on Information & Communication

Andriy Sadoviy,
Mayor of Lviv

NCRF Representativ

Ulyana Feshchuk,
National Council of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting

Natalia Klitna,
Association of Rights Holders and Content Providers

Alexander Kulish,
Association «Ukrteleset»

Tatyana Popova,
Telecommunication Chamber of Ukraine

Alexander Fedienko,
Internet Association of Ukraine

Boris Priymak,


Session 1. #TIM-TU Convergence. Legend of the mobile Internet/ 4G Broadband

- 4G: myths and realities - what to expect in 2018

- Everything you wanted to know but afraid to ask: about refarming and 4G tender

- Is there life after 4G: opportunities and threats for the industry

- 4G and IoT


Aleksandr Baranov, expert on telecom market

Invited speakers:

Alexander Danchenko, Parliamentary Committee on Information & Communication

NCRF Representativ

Pavel Daniman, Кyivstar

Andrey Lebedev, lifecell

Tatyana Popova,
Telecommunication Chamber of Ukraine

Alexander Fedienko,
Internet Association of Ukraine


Coffee break, restaurant «Rius», 1st Floor


Session 2. #TIM-TU Convergence: IT, IoT, Blockhain & Telecom

- Blockchain, Mining and crypt - HYIP, bubble or business?

- New products on the operator's network - "pampering" or business case

- IoT - the most "delicious" industries and practically case

- On what business can you earn in 2018-2020?


Alexander Fedienko,
Internet Association of Ukraine

Invited speakers:

Boris Priymak, Digithereum

Michael Vilkov, OrionM2M

Sergey Veretyuk, Greenbe

Andrey Metelskiy, Vega Telecom

Dmitriy Lazuchenko,
Ernst & Young LLC

Aleksandr Baranov, expert

Master class: "All you wanted to know about crypto currencies and how to earn the first million…»

Olga Donchenko, Digithereum


Master class: "Living in one day, will live only one day ..."
Practical seminar on the fundamentals of strategic business planning

Sergey Boiko, BigDataUA


Lunch, restaurant «Rius», 1st Floor


Session 3. # TIM-TU Convergence: Media and Internet.
Legendary ascent of the paid TV market.

- When the TV market will be profitable?

- Barriers for market development and what to do?

- Media groups vs Operators


Аnatoliy Frolenkov, E&C

Invited speakers:

Fedor Grechaninov, StarLightMedia

Denis Vasyanovich, Torsat

Viktor Mazur, Lanet

Natalia Klitna, Association of Rights Holders and Content Providers

Victor Kulish, Association «Ukrteleset»

Mykola Typusyak,
TV Association

Аleksandr Arutyunyan, PAUTINA

Vadim Sidorenko, Triolan

15:45 - 16:15

Master class:
"The budget of integration of analog and digital TV services in PON networks"

Ivan Gumenyuk, Mortelecom-service

Stanislav Prokopenko, Mortelecom-service


Coffee break, restaurant «Rius», 1st Floor


The Second Legendary Global Telecom Workshop ANTIGRAVITATIO
Ideological performance with the legendary hosts:

Sergey Boyko, BigData UA

Elena Lutsenko, RETN

Thematic tasks:

- The gentlemen's contract between telecom and media

- Organized fight against theft and vandalism

- Smart Telecom: the future is near

- Critical impact on cyber defense and critical infrastructure

Bonus for viewers - a quiz from the Telecom Chamber of Ukraine!


# TIM-TU - fascinating evening party of market legends Telecom IT Media!
Аddress: Czech brewery "Stargorod", st. Roman, 1

Dress code: free

February 23 / Friday


Session 4. # TIM-TU Convergence: Telecom and Media: Monetization of content.

- OTT, DTH, STV - what the market expects in 2018

- The future of the digital content delivery ecosystem

- New digital products and monetization schemes. When to expect dividends?

Invited Speakers: representatives of the main content delivery platforms, representatives of copper groups and operators, vendors and solution providers


Alexander Glushchenko, expert on media market

Natalia Klitna,
Association of Rights Holders and Content Providers

Invited speakers:

Аnna Tkachenko, 1+1 media

Аleksandr Kozachenko, 1+1 media

Sergey Lymar, youTV

Vitaliy Petrov, Divan TV

Alexander Rezunov Trinity TV


Master class:
"Streaming technologies for contributing and distributing IP video"

Mikhail Shishkovsky, WISI Communications GmbH

Vyacheslav Chulkov, WISI Communications GmbH

Master class:
Why is the subscriber willing to pay for Android TV?

Denis Oleinik, iNeXT


Coffee break, restaurant «Rius», 1st Floor


Master class:
"High-Tech Marketing in a High-Tech Market: 10 Sins of Marketing"
Invited Speaker from the Academy of Growth


Session 5 # TIM-TU: Legends about how providers increase the ARPU

- Market and company results 2017

- "Good start is half of the battle." Plans and trends 2018

- Practical cases and experience of increasing the APPU


Maxim Smelyanets, youTV

Anatoly Frolenkov, E & C

Invited Speakers:

Vadim Sidorenko, Triolan

Sergey Shishkin, Frigate

Sergey Shishkin, Frigate

Igor Hlyupin, Intrafic

Vadim Alimov, Maximum-Net LLC


Lunch, restaurant «Rius», 1st Floor


The legendary meeting with Lviv.

GASTRONOMIC TOUR on the best restaurants in the Lviv city!


# TIM-TU: special evening!
Аddress:: the best restaurant in Galicia "Masonic Lodge" Sq. The market, 14

Dress code: smart, evening

February 24 / Saturday

Departure of participants

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Package “Business program”
without Hotel Accomodation*

179€ from 26.12.2017

Package “Business &Evening Networking”
without Hotel Accomodation*

249€ from 26.12.2017

*For delegate participation and cost of living in the hotel «Rius»,
please contact Tatiana Soroka

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please contact Vlada Rublevskaya
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