About #TIM: Telecom, IT, Media

TIM Events - series of local and international business events, conferences, forums, B2B meetings, industry seminars, roundtables, expositions for the technology business, telecom, start-ups, software development companies, IT and media. TIM is community and effective networking, meeting place for representatives of key technology sectors to discuss actual issues and to assess the potential of business development. TIM provides opportunities for ICT community to meet with the guru, opinion leaders, serious coaches and mentors to discuss the market situation and challenges, to organize master classes and do business. Top managers, owners, investors and IT directors make business acquaintances at TIM, look and demonstrate working and earning technologies, discuss the results and prospects in the discussion groups. TIM - a demonstration of innovative technologies and solutions, performances of the best speakers and professionals in their field, open workshops and business cases of the most ambitious players of the ICT market. TIM - a chance to relax and enjoy the live dialogue among industry professionals.


Ukrteleset (UTS)
The association of right holders and content providers (APC)
Internet Association of Ukraine (IAU)
Community of IT directors of Ukraine
Telecom Ukriane

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